Pop Up Home

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, traffic snarls and pollution defense mechanisms we are looking for all the time, there is nothing like coming back to a cozy place called ‘Home’.  

Culture of Popups 

These are platforms that are changing the way you reach out to the consumer in India. The concept has not been new to the west where many restaurants and hotels are used as sale canvas by artists and their proceeds cut a margin to the canvas provider in some cases.In Delhi-NCR for example the Best Western Group of Hotels usually encourages newer artist to showcase their works across their properties. The hotel has now come to be known for its exquisite lobbies and settings.  The Amazon Festive Home was delectably touched upon the Midas touch- #Amber Tikari the fashion stylist who mindfully pushed-in seamlessly a plethora of items of necessity and desire across the two storied house.


It is consciously catching the fancy of environmentally thinking designers. That could be one reason why I found most of the closets depicting minimalism.

“The idea is not to encourage hording but to showcase how a selection of just the right kinds of things in a house can make you look healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Art has become extremely affordable and Amazon is all for digital art. Young people can look at décor at as less than Rs. 2000 to do up their living spaces,” shared Tikari.

From living room spaces, to a young girl’s room, the house was obviously Alexa enabled, the new age way of communicating and making voice recognition devices a way of life.

“With the showcasing of many things, shopping becomes a more realistic experience for a customer,” adds Ravi Desai, Director Mass and Brand Marketing, Amazon India.

Hugely #Amazon

Amidst some many furniture and home interior brands, it has become difficult for discerning ones to decide on how to really go all out to redo and redecorate this sacred space. And then you might have budget constraints and may not be wishing to invest too much into furnishings, interiors and all.

The recently concluded Amazon Festive Home extravaganza (organised for a sneak peek) was a unique popup- indeed it was created with a ‘different take’ to what it means to consumer comfort.

“The whole idea of introducing a festive home is to give the audience a bird’s eye view of what their ideal room and setup in a house could be. Having thought out carefully items of use which any millennial couple would want to possess, items which makes daily living comfortable, the Amazon House created a complete take away home look. We are now offering complete end-to-end solutions, from delivery and assembly at sight, making it extremely easy for our customers to choose from a delectable mix of more than 1600 products on display.” 

(Manish Tiwary, Vice President, Category Management, Amazon India)

Buying Strength

India is a game changer and so the brands are evolving their consumer reach philosophy. Take for example how Amazon has also launched a special Hindi app for hindi speaking customers who are today one of the biggest consumer base for them.

Desai puts into perspective the fact that the pop up has also opened doors to Amazon’s all new Hindi app that will cater to a major buying stratum in the economy.

“The campaign thought has very core Indian insight. A lot of people have a list of wishes that they want to fulfil this Diwali, which is the ‘Khushiyon ki list’, and often families work with a certain budget. With all that we have to offer in terms of affordability, range of pricing, deals, offers and lots of other surprises, you will keep seeing over the next 10 days or so, we believe that we have got the right to say to India that budget will not come in your way of happiness (Iss Diwali khushiyon ke beech budget nahin aayega),” added Desai.

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