Why (not) Khadi?

Have you always thought #khadi not to be something you would want to have in your wardrobe? Rethink the idea   

An evening outfit from Ritu Beri’s latest collection that celebrates versatility of Khadi fabric

Considering  as a versatile fabric, khadi is the new buzzword that has found the fancy of the fashion fraternity. Poonam Bhagat, Anju Modi, Ritu Beri, Payal Jain and Rohit Bal are a few of such designers whose collections speak volumes of what this fabric can unfold.

Versatility of Khadi

A not-so-old fashion show at the #NSCI grounds in New Delhi had already opened a completely different side of Khadi to the world.  It is fact that the fabric is so fluid and had such flexibility to the fancy of a designer, that a gown of grandeur is also possible.  The most respected of India’s design fraternity had put their best foot forward and re-defined the traditional fabric.

Speaking of the magnificence of #Rohit Bal was an understatement when you see his collection of anarkalis and gowns in layers of khadi fabric in gorgeous whites, cream and fawn. The embellishment and embroideries on the menswear makes you go back to the bygone era.

The men will just need the right attitude to wear them.

The colours were bold and layering seemed to be the unbelievably light. Spoke to Anju Modi and she explained how the fabric is totally misunderstood and has the ability to be thinned down if needed.

Also the notion of khadi just being the common man’s fabric

A Model showcasing collection by Poonam Bhagat
The ikat print in khadi by designer Poonam Bhagat
A Model showcasing collection by Anju Modi
Anju Modi uses earthy shades to create an effect

is going to be broken. With the fashion fraternity tying up like this, it is already travelling places, to start with Africa.

If anything else, the coming of Modi sarkaar is actually giving Indians pride in what belongs to them- #Khadi

The recently concluded Luxury Symposium by Ritu Beri showcased a lovely collection of eclectic gowns- all made of ‘believe or not’ Khadi.

Bygone Era

Unfortunately, the fabric has always been associated with the era of independence and a time when India was trying to assert its ingenuity. No one thought it to be a preference, even after we had gained our independence. The man behind the indigenous fabric was indeed the Father of the Nation.

But that was not enough for it to die a slow death in obscurity. It is with the revival of the Khadi Gram Udyog that the fabric took the fancy of politicians, even if reluctantly.

In 2002, a New York Times article quoted #Chinmaya Basu, chief executive officer of Khadi and Village Industries Corp. that actually, “Khadi industry is the way we keep Gandhi’s dream alive,” Basu then admitted that it runs at a loss. But he also admitted, that “Khadi is a big job creator for weavers in Indian villages as it is labor-intensive work. It is both an emotional and economic cause for India.”

Khadi is an extremely versatile Indian fabric that has all the potential to continue to steal the international luxury market

Ritu Beri, fashion designer

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