Socks Make the Man

Individuality has a new address

There is nothing more appealing in a man’s personality than his attire. Contrary to the notion that only women have a advantage to create an ‘individualised’ look, men have discovered such a thing as well.

Today, men have many options to dress up. No wonder, bespoke menswear is popular in the e-commerce space as well. Styling is all over- from the top, go to the middle and then arrive to the bottom.

Take for example the male #socks. There is an element of rebellion in everything that is individualistic today. Fashion gurus confirm that young and old men today are not scared to experiment and are loving the colour and patterns open to their fancy.

Bold is it

The mantra is that ‘I am in-charge and you cannot ignore me’, shares the fashion industry that  if you see your colleague spotting a Bumble Bee stripes pair of socks, or neon colours and Kung Fu Panda print, you colleague is definitely trying to tell you something about his personality.  Saggar Mehra says, “Whether the guys have their socks covered in stars, stripes, polka dots, or lions, tigers, and even bears — colorful socks are usually being spotted by many who are willing to experiment and are wearing them bold.”

Let your trouser length end a little before the ankle, so that when you sit, the magic can unfold from beneath.

Just a little bit

Here, “the fun element starts when they are disclosed,” adds Parul Gupta, who likes to see men experiment with quirky socks.  So it no surprise that young men are expressing a certain kind of defiance and individuality. Even, “when worn with a classic outfit, bold socks are expressing a certain amount of defiance to social norms,” adds Dhani Gupta, who has her own small entrepreneur business running, especially for men’s accessories. Gupta, off late is selling ‘very many weird colours and patterns in socks itself.’

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