Tinted Lips are In!

Bath your lips in roses and cocoa butter formulation that is ideal for a winter afternoon

All you need to make a winter afternoon warm is a hydrating lip tint


If you want to ditch the lipstick and go wintery light, try the interesting Omorfree’s Lip Tint Balm (Rose). Infused with beetroot extracts,the balm naturally works to make your lips supple, while it leaves you with the natural redness of beetroot, an ingredient which has been used since Cleopatra’s days to add colour to lip concoctions. It is flavourless and odourless, signifying a fact that it is 100 percent natural and paraffin free.

From time immemorial, women have been using natural ingredients to add the colour to their lips and cheeks. We came to the era of lipsticks and bronzers much later. 

It is a paraben free organic promise that has received certification from the topmost certifying agencies in the USA,Canada, UK, Australia and India.

Long stay Promise

In the game of long stay hydrating lipsticks are the millennial favourites and cosmetic brands all improvising accordingly. Take for example Mark by Avon, a completely different concept in their direct selling model. 

But the younger lot is preferring the likes of Omorfee for a tinted evening or afternoon look, more so for its organic feel and promise!

(For more on lipsticks of the millennial, check out What Millennials Want)

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