A Liberating Book!

An Avita-Liber Story

Freedom and individualism defines the entry of these millennial friendly range of Avita Liber laptops in India….

Be yourself with Liber

Individualism has never been so prominent a trend that it is today. Millennial is looking for ways to set their mark and create an identity. Brands are enchasing on this and launching millennial friendly gadgets for the youth on-the-move.  A recent launch of a millennial friendly range of laptops was marked by the presence of actor Neha Sharma, a name of tinsel town that epitomizes the new generations buying sensibilities.

Avita, a Nexstgo company brand, has entered the Indian technology market with its latest range of light weight laptops christened the Avita Liber.

The name Liber itself defines the product for what it stands for. Derived from the Roman mythology, the word denotes sense of freedom.  In Latin, the word denotes a ‘small book’. So here we are….

Why India

So what makes a vibrant team of South East Asian lead team to explore the India market now? “The time is right to enter India. We have already captured prominent markets in South East Asia and USA. As a lifestyle tech brand, we are focused at tapping an audience which is open to experimenting and using the best of technology,” shared Alex Chung, chief executive officer of Nexstgo Company Ltd., the company that owns the AVITA brand.

Product Advantage

Avita is a light weight laptop option for the millennial user who loves to browse, watch TV on a more versatile screen, likes to explore everything digital, while on the move and also prefers an individualist touch to their own gadgets. For India itself, “we are especially designed more oriental covers that will go well with assorted accessories to give the feel of individuality to every laptop. In coming months, we will introduce the customization option where anyone can alter, design and redo the top of their laptop according to personal preference,” says Kenny Cheung, associate director, product planning and development of Nexstgo Company Ltd.

Why will you pick one?

Colour: It is to be looked at as a more lifestyle product that just a laptop of essential needs. The colour advantage is amazing- from bold shades to oriental designs the Avita laptop is as personalized at it can be.

Weight: For the millennial, settling down isn’t the option. They want to travel, explore, experiment and therefore want the use of technology to be accessible anywhere. With the lightness of 1.14 kg in an Aluminum chassis for a 12 inch laptop, you are literally carrying a net book in a duffle or a tote.   

Size: It suits the woman who is smart, swift and knows how to ‘connect the dots’ just from wherever she starts. The laptop has been specially designed to sit comfortably into a ladies bag and therefore looks a little more than an A4 sheet of paper.

An oriental Cheery Blossom theme
Starting February, pick the right one from Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq & Paytm or through retailers like Viveks, Alfa, Dhruv Sales and Croma.
Enjoy a 3 years International warranty as a launch offer on online registration on all the laptop range.
Price starts from INR 27,990 and goes up to INR 83,990.

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