Quintessential footwear

If you wish to carry your attitude at the tip of your toe sport a funky sophisticated or embellished pair of juttis-aka-mojari

The traditional jutti or mojari is being improvised like never before. The millennial entrepreneurs have found a great designing opportunity here. Element of individuality speaks volumes from the kind of designs, fabric usage, embroideries and craftsmanship that are doing rounds and are mostly available for purchase on e-commerce platforms. 

Why the Change

Everyone is looking at an individualised look. Youngsters want to experiment with their footwear aswell. The jutti is now more affordable and accessible, thanks to many social media platforms and e-commerce websites. However, the best part is that young entrepreneurs are investing into business of providing customized footwear options. I have selected a few of my favourite brands that range anywhere between Rs. 2000-5000. Most of them have repeat business and loyal customers.

The Roots

The quintessential jutti (as it was called in Northern India) is derived from the love of embellished shoes by Rajputanas. It is a derivation from the Khussa or the Mojari or better known as the Saleem Shahis, worn at the time of the Mughals. Essentially closed shoes, the jutti does not have a left and right foot distinction and can be worn interchangeably. The mojari apparently has a male version with the toe protruding and curling out like a moustache. Material is essentially leather throughout the surface.

Millennial Brands

Alex Brown: The brand is quirky and speaks volumes about how innovative you can get with your footwear. Discover the love of fabric, prints, personalised messages! The brainchild of Maninder Singh and Daisy Tanwani, they like their homegrown brand to be called the Alex Brown (Alex for the western feel to this traditional footwear style and Brown for the earthy-leather element which completes the look)

Let the falcon take flight from here…. a hand-embroidered Alex Brown creation

 5 Elements: Radhika Gupta believes in the working of the five elements in all her creations. She loves the play of colour and design elements. She is one of the first one to have pioneered the art of embellishing the jutti to customer specifications and continues to enjoy doing that. Her designs are derived from the inspirations of earth, water, fire, air and space.

Imlee: If you are looking for dainty feminine colours, girlish petite and pristine designs and pastel shades that ooze sophistication, this is the brand to look at.  With its roots in textile designing, the inspirations are undoubtedly from its origins, that is Rajasthan.

Doused in ethnic motifs, the Imlee collection whiffs of Rajasthan

Taking Care of your Footwear

  • Dry wipe your juttis to maintain the top surface.
  • Always air dry them before putting them away.
  • Try and store jutti/mojari in an old muslin cloth bag or thin cotton fabric so that the genuine leather can breathe.
  • It is a good idea to try wipe the sole and oil with mustard or old cream to maintain the suppleness of the leather.

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