Experiment with Jewels

Diamond is not a distant dream anymore, and Prakshi Sharma has shown it so in her comfortable wear indo-western jewellery designs

A young Economics graduate, well travelled and studied abroad, gave up her chances of making it big in the corporate world, to enjoy her art of creating for others. Prakshi designs bespoke diamond, ruby and emerald jewellery for discerning women of today.

My pieces are affordable for all those women who earn their own money and want to hone classy precious stoned jewellery

Prakshi Sharma, Creative Director, Prakshi Fine Jewellery

Her jewellery also follows the versatility formula. So you can actually wear a dangler as a separate piece of stud, and you could wind a necklace into your hand as a bracelet and it all looks as classy as it can be.

“My designs are urban, culturally diverse, and infuse with artistic inspiration. I fuse old world aesthetics with new world fashion, resulting in breathtakingly unique, wearable works of art,” which is what Prakshi likes to call her creations.

As someone who represents the millennial, she is walking her own path and decided to start her own flagship store under her name Prakshi, at Mehrauli. “ Couture looks tricky but it really isn’t. I get into the mind of my customer and give them something that they would cherish for the rest of their lives,” is a thought with which she has happy brides walking out with customized pieces of ornaments.

Her ear cuffs and ear jackets are soaked in traditional Indian designing with the western sensibility of statement pieces and detachable options put in, making her jewellery extremely wearable for long hours aswell. She also specializes in making stackable bracelets and ring sets.  Prakshi prides in presenting uniquely cuts of solitaires and all her diamond pieces have stones selected through Kimberly process only.  You can also explore magic of colourless diamonds and some coloured gemstones, not to mention all and most pieces are set in 18K gold.

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