Strutt About

The word itself speaks volumes; but the product isn’t anything about the arrogance synonymous to the word Strut…. Read on…..

It started as an offshoot to an evolving entrepreneurial streak into personalized and eco-friendly gift options. And then bags happened to the team of Strutt, which comprises Shruti Dhanda, Vishesh, Pallav, Faizan, Rashi, Jitin and Hobby. What started to be delivered to well known bagging companies of India, is now growing into a homegrown brand called The Strutt Store.

The word strut literally means ‘a stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant or conceited gait’- now that is something you can carry off when you walk with a Strutt bag, but this homegrown brand is far from being arrogant

Smart Chic

The market is flooded with international brands which are not pocket friendly. The millennial have purchasing power but not to match the odd few who provide good quality travel bags in India. The market for bags is extremely fragmented with only a few premium brands that are catering to the customer’s sensibilities, especially those who yearn for good quality bags of all kinds. “These may not always be leather, but at times, customers do want long lasting material, which isn’t as expensive but definitely as durable,” shares Shruti Dhanda, the owner of the Strutt Store. The brand customizes bags to your choice and has developed a completely new range of duffle bags or overnighters, which makes travelling comfortable and chic, at the same time.

A blue black variation to the one I got for my video shoot @uttarajindalofficial

Millennial Travels

Travelling has increased manifold and millennials are globetrotting literally. Styling is important to them. More than that, how they carry themselves and thus their bags are also a personalized choice.  What started as a supply to Walmart and some other well known bag brands as basic duffle bag designs has now become The Strutt Store’s own collection to be handed out. They are also designing customizable laptop bags and ladies purses as well. “Because we have our own workshop, it becomes easier for us to customize,” adds Vishesh who looks after the marketing and promotion part of the business.

Material Ahoy!

The simplistic business model is to ensure “the bag is of top notch quality.” The brand offers a 7 day exchange option, “if you are not satisfied with what you have got” and a 90 day return period, if the “anything in the bag is not upto the mark vis-a-vie quality of material, zips, straps etc.” The reason the pricing feels so reasonable so much so that “some customers wonder how can you get a duffle in such a price and yet get the same quality and craftsmanship.” But that is the whole beauty of the Made in India product which is “speaks for the craftsmanship we are capable of with the right material thrown in.”

(The above range is priced between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 5000)

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