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Why should you teach yourself Art if you are not an artist? Find out here and now….

When I was invited at the Jaypore store for a workshop in Meenakari, I will admit, I was taken aback. “How can you teach Meenakari?” But then Smriti Sangal said, “ Oh yes you can. Enjoy today!” So, opened the whole magic around using copper, powdered glass, colour, furnace firing, cutters and more. Smriti has taken on the love and appreciation of Indian art forms from her mother, Mrs. Ritu Sangal who herself is a Tanjore, enamel artist and an art educator for over 30 years. Smriti is a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Delhi University and Master’s in Fine Arts from the University of Arts, London. 

You don’t need an age to be happy in Art! (Smriti Sangal sitting in the middle)

Art Assets

Culture Chauraha is an organization which is working towards “creating empathy and appreciation about the manual process of creating art assets.”  For this Smriti Sangal works through capsule workshops (one that I attended recently at the Jaypore Store in GK-1 M Block Market, New Delhi).
This way, the individual experiences the nuances of a new medium and also helps him/her take an informed step forward in their passion filled art career. 

It’s always an exciting feeling to introduce an art enthusiast to the Meenakari process ; it’s the practical process which let’s one imbibe the magical feeling of creating their own jewellery piece. The satisfying experience of painting with glass powder on metal, seeing it being fired at 850 degree celcius in a kiln, the melting glass crystals transforming to a stunning piece of jewellery after cooling down is an alluring feeling.

Smriti Sangal, Co-founder and Creative Head @Cultural Chauraha


You are so young, yet working towards reviving traditional arts….

 As an artist, I have always been fascinated with the phrase ‘everything that goes around, comes around’. Moreover, I genuinely and strongly believe that the key to future growth lies in the past. Taking these two concepts together, I have culminated the age old traditional methods of craftsmanship and given them a contemporary twist.  

What does Art do to us….

It is a sure way of discovering your own connection with art-everyone has a connection with art. There is a certain connectedness to your inner life and you find immense peace in creating your own masterpiece.   We at Culture Chauraha help ardent learners of all age groups to extract fun, relax and discover their creative side. More importantly, Art has a therapeutic affect so much so it helps relieve stress and is a wonderful way to help the brain reboot and rejuvenate.

Smriti surprisingly gets many serious male participants to her art workshops. “Interestingly, they learn and participate in these female dominated workshops like Jewellery making and parchment craft which are intricate and intensive. One of the most popular courses we have is Impasto palette knife painting which is a quick and fun introduction to acrylics for all age groups.”

Why Cultural Chauraha uses art as a medium of expression

  • Come together and help us build a community important to any environment
  • Experience the three Rs : Reboot, Rejuvenate and Re-live
  • Create a better understanding towards the Art and Craft with our DIY approach
  • Discover your inner potential, create something you didn’t imagine you could and redefine your sense of confidence
  • Open your brain to creative ways of problem solving
  • Access to an art class without additional effort nor expense in an inpsiring environment.
Smriti enjoys difficult mediums of expression but works on them with joy!

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