Detox @ After Stories

Gluten Free delights and detox drinks are the new entrants at this ale dominating outlet

The Healthy Bean Sprouts and Corn Chaat was a good start of the review

It is not just about a delectably style place of vintages. For the millennials and 40-some alike, there is (as usual) the array of beers and ales to enjoy. After Stories was conceptualized with the mind to present the Australia and British styled drinks to the discerning Indian drinkers.

Go Gluten Free

But my inquisitiveness for gluten free foods brought me to their newly done up menu.  I enjoyed the tanginess in the Som Tum Salad (non-vegetarian variant), apart from the play of zucchini and bell peppers.  For the desire of some street fun and health thrown in together, a healthy option is the bean sprouts and corn chaat reasonably priced at Rs. 245.

With the way cuisine is being seen as the canvas of a painter, there is more than just creation happening around India- it is indeed an amalgamation of tastes, new and old experiences where fusion is reigning supreme.

Easy Fillers

Now I had never thought that the pizza could have a Punjabi twist to it. So, try the Pizza Murgh Makhan Masala. It’s the Indianised version of enjoyment of an Italian Pizza and works well for my family that loves their Punjabi food. For those who are happy with drinks, the new entrants are detox ones. The essentials for the gut, the detox drinks are a good way of satiating your hunger yet not putting on any weight. The Eve Fav was an amalgamation fresh apple and cucumber to drink any time at Rs. 195.

For me the Baked Chicken Tikka bowl was a winner. You discover chopped chicken tikka that is topped with egg and baked with melted cheese served in a pastry bowl- this is enough to fill in your stomach. Team these up with any of the selection of drinks and write to me about your choices on my facebook page…. Freedom to Express.

I am eager to see your discoveries…..

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