Say it with a show-shoe

One of the cutest shoe designs any mom would want her kid to spot (Photo courtesy-

Whoever said you cant flout an individual style, didn’t experiment with a bespoke shoe

When I first met Garima, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. I could not have imagine work so fine, as hers, and that also on the surface of a canvas shoe. “I had run out of space at home; there was too much creativity waiting to be vented. I was already painting shoes when I would get bored of simple canvas ones in college; so this wasn’t new for me. But I resumed it once I took up full time work. I wanted to continue to paint. It started with customizing a friend’s shoe. I didn’t know this would become a rage and then a commercial model,” shares Garima, who paints each pair, rather painstakingly and is proud of her handy work.

Range galore

This is what has come of most new entrepreneurial ideas which started with just a passion and was not expected to become a commercial success, but eventually they became one. Garima is catering to some extremely wacky and interesting customised requests. For example, she created a range for wedding trousseau only. Her patakha dulhan is a hit with the millennial brides. A girl who was marrying in Rajasthan asked for Bana and Baisa pair to be painted on her Van’s canvas shoes. A Delhi girl asked for a Swag Mera Desi theme and she even shared pictures for it on Garima’s instagram from which her brand Poshampa gets most orders.

Humble Beginnings

In a time when millennial are spoiled for choices, “painting your shoes could be a money saver as well as a individuality statement”. Garima has had the pleasure to customised shoes for Vikram Kocchar of the Sacred Games fame, a doctor from Ludhiana who got the Game of Thrones scene painted on his shoes, to a mother who wanted pugs to be made for her little one.

For Poshampa, (a word synonymous for childhood games, fun, carefree-ness, colour, excitement and innocence), the brand wishes to help people live their lighter side of life. “In today’s time, it is difficult to find your moments of complete joy or individuality. By doing up shoes, (just the way you like it), I just like to bring a sense of happiness and individuality to people’s daily life,” shares Garima, who is now working on her range for children’s hand painted shoes.

Carry the Harry Potter with you…. a customised design by Poshampa

Challenge and more

These are hand painted wonders, so ,” I cannot replicate something exactly. So I have to be sure of what the customer needs in the first place.” But Garima has had to repaint a shoe to suit a customer need; she doesn’t mind doing that. “But with kids, its tricky, because one pair can take me a month to paint, with my full time work commitments. By then, the child has grown and the foot size changes- now that is a challenge.” So kids footwear will need some more like-minded individuals to work with Poshampa.

Garima also does workshops for those who wish to learn to use shoes as a medium of art. Her does are prices anywhere between Rs. 1500-2500 (including shipping).

Wedding Collection: Pataka Dulhan/ Banno Tera Swagger/Rajasthani Bride   

Mix Bag by Poshampa: Desi Naari/ Owl Canvas / Frida Kahlo / Harry Potter/ Chucky Doll

Special ones: Lippie Love / Love for Roses / Mickey & Minnie

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