Wood Sheets Do It All!

Imagine the warmth of wood, all over your home, and that also prices that you can afford. Welcome to the world of Evowood

Like many new entrepreneurial brands I am coming across nowadays, this also, has a name, that says it all- it is evolution in usage of wood.

When I engaged into conversation with Avijit Marwah, little did I know that his passion for wood, would actually unfold a plethora of wood surface options. “Environmental concerns are something we cannot ignore. The idea of designing engineered wood options was inspired from my passion to take the family business of wood to the next level.”

Avijit graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2010 with a degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering. Avijit also co-founded a startup in 2015, in the modular kitchens and furniture space called Modspace that was later acquired by another company in the interior space. Avijit took his family business then to a new height by developing eco-friendly, sustainable wood décor options. 

The idea of the brand is to minimize use of actual wood, making wood décor accessible and affordable to the millennials and sorts.

Avijit and Surbhi Marwah

Avijit along with his wife work painstakingly to promote the use of user-friendly wood surfaces which can cover any wood surface and give the same feel of any kind of expensive solid wood. “The best part is that you can glorify the look of any surface in your house, co-working space, office etc, without feeling guilty of bringing down forests. Changing the surfaces is also easy; so this way you can change the look of your space frequently,” adds Avijit.

EvoWood uses various wood species such as Burmese Teak, CP Teak, American Walnut, White Oak, White Ash, Pine and Persian Lilac.

Walnut finishes can be extremely dressy for doors, partitions at home and office space. Use them polished or non polished to keep a rustic look intact

So, for the millennial who is looking at opulence, grandeur at a much early stage in life, Evowood surface textures can do the magic for you. Evollae, the solid wood sheets are 3.5 mm in thickness. They are being used by architects and interior designers for their sheer sturdiness and the fact that they are a step towards forest conservation.

If you have antique furniture, use the sheets to give a new feel to it. If you don’t want to invest in expensive wood, but wishing to get a new look, get sheets in various wood species and spruce up your lifestyle.  (#wood #furniture #lifestyle #sustainability #burma #teak #surfaces #polish # home decor #officespace #environmentalfriendly)

(Look out for wood styling in the forthcoming blog on wood and its usages)

Recreate a European look to your old kitchen at half the price of expensive wood. Try the wood sheets that come in various textures and coloured thereafter to suit your individualized style

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