Why Destination Jewellery is a suitable choice

Destination Jewellery is becoming an easy and doable option with creative designers choosing their base as silver over gold

An elaborate jadau neck piece with matching earrings (Photo Courtesy: Vamika Silver)

Even the traditional form of Jadau is now affordable and open to bespoke options, thank you enterprising designers who are experimenting with silver setting than gold

A diamond is forever- so has been an old belief and somewhat a reality as well. But times have changed, and women are looking for newer options to adorn themselves with much more than just one piece of precious jewellery. Enter the world of destination jewellery. It’s a new fashion and fad that has taken the Indian market by storm, not to mention that brands like Vamika Jewels and Art Joules for examples have many loyal customers abroad as well.

Coming from a jewellery family, Art Joules’s owner and creator Niharika found it a wee bit easier to curate and innovate her jewellery, to suit the costumer’s need.

“Gone are times when you could simply wear your heirlooms and feel cool and all well dressed. Women today are spoilt of choices- and why not, they have options available in semi precious stones, at times real stones as well,”

Niharika Ghai, creator and promoter of Art Joules

Jadau jewellery

The traditional of engraved jewellery was embedded in our culture; and has come back with great vigour, thanks to the less-expensive options available in the market.  Jadau or engraved jewellery is actually the technique, a form of Mughal setting that needs extreme precision and craftsmanship.  The introduction of this form of jewellery took its root also into the Rajput and Rajasthani culture and the influences could been seen in many traditional form of jewellery.

Essentially, Kundan and Polki are the two forms of Jadau. Both settings makes use of stones. But while the former makes use of glass, the latter uses unfinished natural diamonds only. There is no finishing or ‘enhancement’ of any kind in the Polki setting.  Not a surprise then, Polki is far more valued due to its use of natural form and therefore tends to be more expensive than Kundan jewellery.   

Market Today

Poonam Lakhotia runs the brand Vamika Silver. She and her husband have been providing discerning customers since 2005, affordable and eclectic Jadau options in silver base, all done up with precious and semi precious stone settings. “Our designs take their inspirations from Mughal eras and Hindu mythology. Our aim is to provide jewellery that is traditional yet contemporary offering impeccable craftsmanship.”

In my conversation with many women of all age groups, it is evident that most want to experiment with their looks. They wish to go back to the tradition as well. No one is interested in carrying around expensive (almost priceless) pieces of ornaments across borders.  So the concept of destination wedding is something which rings a bell with everyone. Priced between Rs. 3000 going upto Rs. 50,000, you can experiment with detachable pieces, mix-n-match designs, customize and much more. You can look at anklets, statement rings, bracelets, neck chokers, belly belts and even traditional ornament styles.

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