‘Millennial wants Luxury to be Authentic’

The Ritu Beri led The Luxury League is serious about bringing India out of the shadows of the west, and recognizing its own quotient

Affordable Luxury

Luxury is more than just clothing- it is the bag you carry, the art you hone or the crockery you like to use at home, it is the wine you drink and the glasses you choose. With the likes of Rocky S colloborating withe homegrown brands like Bentchair to come out with a designer crockery collection, to Raseel Gujral led Casa Paradox, luxury is becoming everyone’s cup of tea.

India is the bedrock of one of the best design talent in the world. As time is moving towards digitization and millennial needs, the age-old traditions and at the brink of extinction.

With the introduction of the Made In India initiative of PM Narendra Modi, in 2016, the Indian design fraternity, lead to the introduction of The Luxury League, a consortium of the best, determined to attract the best into the Indian design climate. The Luxury League is a Not-for-Profit Foundation, India’s first most powerful and influential platform for Branding India Globally.

Excerpts of an interview with Ritu Beri, founder, The Luxury League (TLL)

Why did you decide to spearhead this initiative?

There is a belief that makes the world go around, ‘One must give back and thus, replenish the source one receives everything from.’ I endorse that belief wholeheartedly. The Luxury League, was born of that belief, to promote our heritage of culture and creativity, through luxury. 

What does TLL aim to achieve?

We intent to open the Indian doors to luxury brands from various countries. To learn from the masters and to bring them on board and make the voice of India heard, globally. The League aims to create a symbiotic relationship, demystifying what goes inside workshops of world known brands and bringing that wealth of knowledge to all. It will also create career opportunities for the Indian youth, besides supporting and promoting creation. The Luxury League also provides support in specific areas like training for employment.

What is the greatest challenge India faces when competing with international standards in luxury?

First, we have to stop aping the West and establish our own strong brand identities. This can be done by focusing on niche aspects of Indian culture. The Indian Luxury market is a potential gold mine, therefore, developing and promoting this segment is mandatory.

India has always been an inspiration for the rest of the world. The world came to India for its luxurious silks, majestic jewels and rich crafts. We have to realise our potential and not shy away from our rich heritage.

How are designers and international brands tacking the millennial needs?

Online presence has become the need of the hour- that is the biggest challenge facing designers and brands worldwide. Luxury till now meant also spending time at a brick and mortar establishment, enjoy the experience, the service and then finally buy. Those have replaced the millennial need for quick pro quo. 

The trend has greatly moved from window campaigns to social media campaigns. So, we now need to look at more virtual experiences than only physical ones.

How does the millennial look at luxury today?

I think millennial are much more aware of what’s happening around them and are very well connected to the world through the internet. So, for them luxury definitely has to be authentic. Another interesting fact I see with the millennial is the fact that they want luxury to be personalized and convenient.

RockyS designed coasters looks extremely luxurious on a cocktail evening (Product courtesy: Bent Chair)

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