Feeling Beautiful, everyday

Carrying around for nine months, you want to feel beautiful, leave alone ensure your outsides also say the same. Here is how and now….

The Indian pregnant women did not know of any other outfit except the tent shaped clothing to make herself comfortable as she grew in size. Apart from hormones playing up, the mood swings makes you want to look for breathable clothing and inner wear as well. But apart from the saree that came with the petticoat (in some cases, women would prefer to be without inner wear to create comfort and ease), there werent many options.

Then came the era of dresses, but women in India still have the habit of hiding their bump; its considered an omen to have it stared at.

Path breakers

The era of comfortable and chic maternity wear is not new to the West. But there are a few who have pursued a thought single-minded and made great businesses out of them. When I met Cecile Reinaud, the founder of Seraphine, everything about her self made brand made sense.

Cecile started designing comfortable, fashionable, functional and smart maternity wear in the United Kingdom back in 2003, “when I realised there was a need for this. Women were working and needed smart outfits even when they were pregnant. I was myself feeling the need for comfort being a mother of three children. So came Seraphine along.”

The Serephine range makes significant use of the empire line cut, which skims at the waist and then gathers off like a skirt below the waistline. This works best of pregnant women as they usually needs clothes which will ease off the pressure of the area below their waistline. The range also has in-built nursing concealers which takes care of your post maternity needs.

She has to her credit, having dressed royalty. To name a few are Kate Middleton, Zara Tindall and the Princesses of Sweden as well as A-list celebrities including Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet. With stores in London, Paris, New York, Dubai and Hong Kong, clubbed with an international e-commerce platform, Seraphine  feels “it is the right time to enter India. The Indian customer is more aware of its needs and going all out to speak for comfort. So we are here finally!”, adds the slim and comfortable to speak with, Cécile Reinaud, Founder & Managing Director, Seraphine.

The standalone store in Select Citywalk , New Delhi will deal with fashionable and individualistic daily wear as well as party wear outfits for pregnant women. The store hosts a wide range of maternity wear, comprising of gowns, dresses, jackets, cardigans, vests, maternity jeans, trousers and more. 

Dress like the royalty and the classy, enjoy your womanhood!

The master franchise store in New Delhi also has a selection of beachwear, lingerie made of bamboo for extra comfort and breath-ability.

The best part of Seraphine garments are that they are functional even after you have delivered your baby. They go back to fit into your original body shape and you realise that you didnt invest in the clothing without a reason.

Hannah Michalak, a Seraphine garment user

Pretty Feet

Imagine to be blessed with footwear that can ease off your back, knee and ankle pain, something that many pregnant women have to deal with in those months of pregnancy. This is far more pronounced in the last trimester. The ballet pumps are designed in a manner to “support the body’s natural alignment and massage the feet as you walk. The insole is a patented design, medically proven to relieve back ache and boost blood circulation.”

Garments available in-store and online. The brand already has plans for opening stores in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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