For revival of the past….

It was a surreal moment to come in contact with bygone years. Music, posters, tapes, records, gramophones, fabrics, stamps, notes…. and so much more, would remind you of your childhood days.

The revival of heritage is something which doesn’t come easily to someone as young as Seth. His desire to revive the cultural heritage in India is commendable. In a recent article featured on their own newsletter, they have very aptly described the role of the millennial in shaping the world of art and culture.

“According to several independent research projects undertaken by art galleries and critics across the world, Millennial are not only more interested in art, but they’re also making bold choices and leveraging social media for the way they discover and buy art.”

They do it Differently

According to Conferro Heritae, “this generation cares about the quality of life they lead. Nothing is about simple binaries anymore. A holistic and enriching experience is what drives this generation, and there are zero qualms about experimentation.”

Even if collecting remains a distant dream for some, a good percentage of people thronging monuments and galleries are the youth. The point of departure for Millennial is quite simple – they experience first and decide later. Most Millennial, having seen a relatively stable world, have had a conducive environment to learn their history and appreciate it. According to Conferro Heritae, the number of millennial art buyers have seen steep increase in the past 3 years, with the difference in ratio being as high as 36% in some subsets. An instrumental trend has been gifting – art collectibles and vintage era gift ideas are hot favourites since the past 4-5 years. Other industries are catching up – Daft Punk released its album “Random Access Memories” as a vinyl record in its deluxe edition and was met with a phenomenal response. Speaking of Vinyl records, for instance; this segment has seen the sharpest rise in sales in the past 5 years in the history of vinyl records.What was mainstream a couple of years ago is “experimental” today; an umbrella term for unconventional choices. Old school is not boring anymore, it is exciting and perhaps even better.

(Text used with permission of Nivedita Choudhary, Research Analyst, Conferro Heritae)

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Photo Courtesy: Conferro Heritae

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