Souffle for the Skin

When you apply it, it would rather be something you could eat up. But this is the texture and feel of body souffles.

Body Shop Souffle comes in many fragrances. I zeroed on this one!

My experience with creams has not been good. The humidity and heat in Delhi makes it tough to use rest alone enjoy. So, I have been looking for nourishment for skin forever.

In my experience, no matter how much we sweat, the skin needs its nourishment. While water intake is very important, internal greasing also helps keep the skins supple.

My discovery of Body Shop Souffle is a good find. The fragrances are long lasting and can be dependent on. The texture is smooth, light and definitely not laden with water.

Most body butters are heavy bases with essential oils in them. They work well for colder climates. But varied temperatures in India demand for a solution which is light and can work to nourish the skin.

I chose the Body Shop Drop Dew Souffle in Almond drops. The aroma stays through the day. What is best is that it does not make me sweat like most other creams do. It absorbs well and does not leave a greasy feel.

Go ahead, get souffled and tell me how your experience has been.

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