A Little Bit of AI In My Hair

What happens when a little bit of Artificial Intelligence is all you need to make your hair speak to you….. its called Magic

My customised selection of Freewill Shampoo, Conditioner and Argan oil serum
(Photo courtsey: OrangeisLife)
I came across Freewill randomly on my Instagram page. The company was kind enough to send me a customized shampoo, conditioner and serum in a press bottle kit.
It took me a while to shift to it. I am not the kinds to stop using what I am and just jump onto a new product. But the hairfall was getting to me really.

Why Have I Stuck to Freewill?

Its Sulphate and Paraben free that helps contain the ‘natural oils from hair and scalp, ultimately leaving hair well moistured and hydrated

Because the product is Freshly Made-To-Order. A blend of clean, natural & effective ingredients is backed with groundbreaking science that comes from the United States.

So I switched to my lavender coloured, aromatic option and I have not been left disappointed. For one thing, a very lathery shampoo does not mean your hair is actually getting what it needs. The Freewill option is not that much lather, but hair fall has reduced dramatically, as water here is extremely hard and fair fall is a symptomatic problem.

I got hold of the owners of the brand and got to know from the horses mouth that Artificial Intelligence is the future of cosmetic indeed. Mohit and Rahul are a young millennial duo. They shared with me this “Most beauty brands today, just sell an idea, a dream and a desire to you through their product, brand. They promise a luxury, a lifestyle or some product that will magically work on every hair type and solve every hair problem. But that is not how we were born. The fact is, we are all unique and that’s why certain products don’t work for certain people. We’ve different hair types, have different goals for what we want to achieve and also live in different environmental conditions.”

The Freewill Philosophy

Freewill was born with the philosophy that if each individual is unique, their product should also be created uniquely. We ask users about their hair profile, lifestyle and hair goals, and then we individually formulate and make unique products!

Artificial Intelligence is the future of beauty and with the help of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, the possibilities are infinite. At Freewill, a system analyses the responses by a customer given through a set of questions they answer, creates a product that has the power to solve the particular customer’s hair needs and fulfills that individuals hair goals. “We take pride in calling ourselves the smartest and the intelligent beauty company in India.”

Mohit and Rahul Yadav are both from Jaipur. Rahul is from IIT Roorkee and Mohit completed his education from Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants. While Mohit specialises in setting up startup businesses, Rahul looks after the technology part of this venture.

They shared with me over email how it took them a lot of time to ensure that “no two bottles ever came out to the same. It took us a year to understand what factors (hair profile, lifestyle, environment, & goals) can have an effect on your hair care product, how to use this data to create a product and then process every single order from bottling, labeling, etc.”

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