Corona Virus and Self-Care Should Be Like A Harmonious Marriage

Dont let self care take a beating in the lock-down. Here is how….

When the virus hit the human species, we didn’t know what we were dealing with. As the virus has enveloped the lives of all across the globe, one thing is for sure- we have to keep ourselves hydrated, well fed and hands sanitized at all times.

Immunity and self care is on top priority. It can actually be a good time to harmonize our lives. Like many people find the time to make their relationships happier, this is an ideal combination.

While I was thinking that I would not need heavy body cream now that winters were receding. But the weather has been tricky. Temperatures still drop in the night and with the way I am washing my hands repeatedly in the day, the OShea Herbals Glo-Pure rich in wheatgerm oil and blueberry extracts. The fragrance makes me feel I am consuming fresh fruits, but the cream is just apt to meet my moisture need challenge. I am using dabs ( the cream is heavy enough for no need of generous amounts) to keep my skin moisturized.

With the Teal & Terra, I discovered that this weather is suitable for the use of green apple. The one quality that the fruit has is that it is soothing and nourishing for the skin. Consumed widely in the West, it is more sort after than the Red apple. The use of charcoal is now becoming more apparent as many cosmetic products use them as clarifying agents. For me, the combination is a winning one. While we are home bound, we will need to keep our skin clean- that does not change. The face wash is thick and therefore does not need generous amounts. It lathers well with any kind of water so even if you are troubled with hard water, the magic does not go away.

The other thing to do is to continue to do some bit of exercise. While being home bound, it can make your lethargic and throw your routine out of rhythm. Keep your spirits high by doing some yoga and meditation. Try eating less processed and more natural foods. This goes a long way in keeping your mood high, skin healthy and body hydrated.

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