For The Love Of Teas….

‘So much passion into tea?’ But then what is life with passion anyway- this is the thought that comes to your mind as you dip a bag into your morning, afternoon or evening cuppa @Sevensprings

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I chanced upon Sejal Purohit and her love for infusions. A young entrepreneur who rubbed shoulders with the Brits from early on in her working days, she is an unassuming tea connoisseur. With literally no background in the business of teas, Sejjal hails from Gujarat and worked in the corporate world, to my surprise.

As I moved across the length and breadth of England, I was mesmerized by how serious were people about their infusion teas. It reminded me of how we have all and so many more ingredients in India itself and we have lost a touch of those aromas and therapeutic goodness of these elements. It was my plan to rekindle the love of herbs through my own tried and tested infusions,” spoke the excited Sejjal Purohit, who juggles work between being a tea entrepreneur, a mother, and a doting wife.

Over the years, Sejal has educated herself by doing both offline and online courses from the best in the world.

Her eureka moment happened after her pregnancy. “I needed to lose weight, feel good for my own self-esteem. While I loved being a mother, I did want to look smarter in my skin. So, I started trying tea infusions which helped increase my metabolism and lose weight naturally.”

The Pandemic happened and her plans to introduce health and lifestyle benefits of natural ingredient-based infusions seem to fall into place. “I wasn’t waiting for this to happen. I had been working on my own infusions for close to two years. But Ayurveda and self-healing never made so much sense, than now,” added Sejal Pravin Purohit, while I sipped on the Tulsi Turmeric Tea on my afternoon discussion with her.

As the human body attunes to seasons, so will your teas! Seven Spring takes care of those seasonal requirements of the body and so does its infusions!   

Sejal Parvin Purohit, Founder (Seven Spring)

Not talking off the cuff, Sejjal now works with a passionate team that puts in several hundreds of trials before a concoction can be trademarked for Seven Springs. All the ingredients added by her are packed with many health benefits and each concoction is one of its kind. The new product line has something to suit every taste palate and aid with almost all sorts of ailments to keep people disease-free and ultimately elated.

Most ingredients are found in your backyard- tulsi, turmeric, nutmeg, hibiscus, ginger, fennel, clove, marigold…. enjoy your cuppa, get a dose of nature and ditch the caffine, for a while!

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