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A Gluten Free Life

Gluten Free meals is a challenge well taken by the best outlets in town and bowl meals are one wholesome option…..

Shophouse by Kylin has some of the most interesting bowl meal options (Photo Credit: Orangeislife)

My first visit to Olly some time back bought back memories of an ideal café. “What we see in India is not real cafés. They are actually meant to be on busy streets and have quick eating foods,” admits Chef Jyotika Malik. The place is a haven on alternate meals.

What remained with me were the incredible bowl meals and gluten-free delights. Gluten allergy is becoming a huge challenge worldwide. A lot of outlets today are investing in adding gluten-free options into their menu. At Olly, the most popular are their sweet pots due to the uniqueness of the dish.  If you are looking for a pasta delight then the gluten-free pasta can be customized to your liking.

Olly has an international cafe assortment with many gluten-free options so that you are not disappointed and left high-n-dry (Photo Credit: Olly Cafe)

Comorin is another new eatery that is interesting for its alternate meal options. The best part of this place is that the portion sizes are to your need, nothing more and nothing less. “We realized that many people are now shifting to gluten-free options also because it is healthier, less on calories, more on nutrition and wholesome. Many of our dishes have been designed keeping in mind the fact that our Indian customer is a globe trotter,” informs Dhiraj Dargan, the executive chef at the outlet.

I enjoyed their take on idli with Gunpowder Idli or the sweet corn khichdi that goes with sem ka beej and sauces. The authentic Haleem comes with a portion of buttered toast dressed with roast onions and added on herbs. The toast is altered to a gluten-free option.

Tarun Sibal who is a food entrepreneur and is running two restaurants in Gurgaon and GK2 shares how “we can’t ignore one for the other. Our meals are therefore holistically designed so that customers can customize them to suit their needs.”

Tarun prides in Side Car’s bowl assortments like the Goat Meat Rendang Curry Bowl. Its variation is a ‘take on the Hainanese chicken’. The Wild Mushroom Coconut curry bowl, and the Maple Sircaha Tofu, as well as the Quinoa bowl, are interesting wholemeal options for the vegetarian preference.

Comorin has the unique concept of being a marketplace cum a dine-in space with Indian cuisine thrown in with international flavours and huge gluten-free options. (Photo Credit: Comorin)