Socksoho, men get attention!


The entrepreneurial streak is what led Pritika Mehta and Simarpreet Singh to start a brand of socks for the discerning millennial male Her website calls it a 'Eureka moment'. The name speaks for itself, its inspirations coming from the city of Soho. I was researching the origins, to realise there is one in New York … Continue reading Socksoho, men get attention!

For revival of the past….

It was a surreal moment to come in contact with bygone years. Music, posters, tapes, records, gramophones, fabrics, stamps, notes.... and so much more, would remind you of your childhood days. Millennial art and creativity Use of paper is exquisite Revisiting famous scenes from Bollywood The revival of heritage is something which doesn't come easily … Continue reading For revival of the past….